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I want to be a Tiny Tutu, so I will follow these rules;


I can tinkle, tinkle, on the big girl potty chair

I don't have accidents, in my big girl underwear


Forty - Five minutes, sure goes by fast

Kissies and hugs before my class


No tears or fits, I must listen and obey

When class begins, it's time to learn and play


Mommy will sit and wait for me too

I can leave on my own, 'Cause I'm a... "Tiny Tutu!"



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"My daughter joined The Little Dance Studio for the first time last year at the age of 4. She quickly grew a love for ballet and tap. I believe it is due to the staff who does an amazing job with the little ones! They show so much patience in helping them learn their dance routines. Her classes were fun and engaging, all while learning the basics of each type of dance. She has made many "Dance" friends in which she continues to dance with this year! She can't wait to dance at the Warner on the big stage again!"


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