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The importance of respect putting the fun in learning!

Our Philosophy

Miss Amanda, the staff and faculty at Little Dance Studio believe in a passion for Dance, a love for people and for learning, Dance ethics, etiquette, retention skills, respect for teachers and discipline, are vital to successful Dance training. All of which carry over into the future paths our Dancers pursue. We are dedicated to ensure that all students of all backgrounds and abilities, receive the utmost attention, an opportunity to advance, and get the confidence needed to help in future success and personal achievement.

Miss Amanda has built on Catherine and Sandra Little's philosophy to provide students of all ages with the skills they need to enjoy a lifetime of Dance.

We invite you to join our school to learn, have fun, build skills, memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Some of our students have been with us for 50 and 60 years. We also have 3rd and 4th generation Dancers. 

Our school has been built on the love of Dance and the love of people and Family. At LDS we have always felt that our school teaches much more than Dance.

Continuing their legacy, Amanda Rodriguez is following in the spirit and tradition of the Little Dance Family... striving for excellence. Wont you join us and...

"Put on a Costume and Dance"

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