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Jazz 7 to 9 is a Luigi Technique based class that is a fun and educational mix of techniques and styles. Students will learn the fundamental basics of Jazz, including Jazz positions and lines, termonology, proper stretching, center work, combinations accross the floor, that will all be incorporated into their performance choreography.


"Little Dance Studio is absolutely AMAZING!!! There are truly not enough words to express just how grateful and blessed we are to be a part of the Little family!! They gave my daughter the opportunity to dance when others would not look past her health problems. She has learned so much in the few years she has been with Little's, and she has formed a love for dance that I never knew a 9 year old could! The instructors and staff are so friendly and experienced! You definitely feel all the love, and you truly feel like they are all part of your family! God bless you Little's for giving my daughter the greatest gift....the love of dance!!!"


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