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Students in pre-pointe will spend the whole year with one hand on the barre, working through the vocabulary and movement requirements outlined in the ballet syllabus supplied to them at the beginning of the year.  Students will be responsible for ballet from the first, second, fourth, and fifth positions and will continue with strengthening and stretching exercises. This class is for the 10-18 year old student who still needs to focus on ballet technique without the challenge of pointe shoes, but with the intention of beginning pointe in at least two years time. Turn out, flexibility, turning, jumping, pulling up through the ankle and knee, and strengthening will all continue to stay the focus of the group. However, they will be asked to prove to be proficient in taking their barre work and converting it to the center.  This class is by teacher discretion only and reserved for those students that have taken at least two consecutive years of ballet with the pointe teacher.

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