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Students in pointe class will spend every other class working on pointe facing the barre, and then on flat without the barre, working through the vocabulary and movement requirements outlined in the ballet syllabus supplied to them at the beginning of the year.  Students will be responsible for a minimum of 15 minutes of out-of-class strengthening and pointe technique each day. This class is for the 12-18 year old student who has shown mastery of technique in flat shoes for no less than two consecutive years of ballet. Students are expected to work with pulled up knees, turnout, and be fully over their pointe shoes while demonstrating an understanding of what lines should look like throughout their movement vocabulary.  Pointe is reserved for students over the age of 12 only, and by invitation, strength testing, and teacher discretion.  Students will be asked to sign a "Pointe Contract" outlining health, strength, and practice protocols while dancing "en pointe."

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