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Students in ballet 10-12 will begin the first half of the year facing the barre, the second half with one hand on the barre, working through the vocabulary and movement requirements outlined in the ballet syllabus supplied to them at the beginning of the year.  Students will be responsible for ballet from the first, second, fourth, and fifth positions and will continue with strengthening and stretching exercises. This class is the class in which students will be assessed for eligibility for pre-pointe and pointe work based on ankle strength, knowledge of the  genre, focus during class, knowledge of the ballet syllabus, and enthusiasm for movement. Turn out, flexibility, turning, jumping, pulling up through the ankle and knee, and ability to hold focus will all be the highlights of this particular age group.  They will be asked to seriously consider the pros and cons of pointe work and their aspirations to begin training in that way.  

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